a few words on motivation

Finding the motivation to work on your own projects is tough. There are so many things I want to do- create a useful VS Code extension, write detailed a Medium article on how to correctly configure some type of AWS stack, finish recording that overworked album of yours.

Most days I spend ~10% of my time contributing towards these projects, and the rest fretting/procrastinating/waiting. Delayed gratification is an unexercised muscle atrophied by perfectionism. And looming behind this, of course, is an exhausting list of open issues from work (which I'm enormously grateful for, don't get me wrong- it's just distracting).

I guess I'm trying to change that with this website. Maybe, just maybe, by creating some facade of a professional appearance, I can trick myself into allocating my time "like a professional". Spend 2 hours on Project X daily. Make sure you commit at least once a week to Project Y. Write about how your development experience with Project Z. But most importantly, have more faith in your own abilities. Don't worry if it's not perfect, just push it!

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