After a 4 hour coding binge, I made these updates to the website:

  • Ability to comment on posts
  • Ability to view individual posts
  • Feeds fade-in after loading
  • Increased line-height
  • Working contact form

I started by consolidating my backend stuff to a single Lambda function ( This handles retrieving the GitHub Feed, the News Feed, handling comments, and sending emails from the contact form.

I created a "heythisischris" table in my place4pals database to handle the commenting stuff. I didn't have a database for this site before because I didn't need one- I was retrieving these posts straight from Standard Notes' blogging server, ( All newly posted comments are associated with a "post-guid", which is the identifier for the blog post. I'm retrieving the rss feed, then querying the database for comments with a matching post-guid, and including them before returning the parsed XML response.

I also wanted to give users the ability to delete their comments. I'm handling this by keeping track of a user's IP address when they comment. If the comment is written in the same IP address that the user is viewing this website, there'll be a "delete" button ready for them to use.

I'm tired. My eyes are heavy. But I'm happy. I had recently written about my struggles with self-motivation, and this spontaneous sprint has given me a bit more hope that I'm capable of cultivating internal resolve.

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