place4pals dev

After a month of idleness, I finally resumed development on place4pals. I was dejected from continuing development because I'd wasted time building the service on DigitalOcean using Auth0 when I should've been using AWS from the get-go. Ontop of that, I was developing it from a web-first approach using Preact, but decided that I should do mobile-first using React Native. So I scrapped all of that code and worked on a fresh React Native project using Expo. I've finally moved everything to AWS, and now I'm mostly back to where I was ~3 months ago.

It's exciting. I really enjoy building this thing out. Hasura is a godsend for handling API queries, and it's so nice to stop worrying about complex SQL queries/relationships and focus more heavily on frontend development.

This is quickly becoming a "development diary". Which is cool! But I'd also like to include more non-dev stuff on here. I've been itching to finish "Family Film"... I created a little teaser trailer for it when I do finally release it (lookin at July 1st). Oh man. Life is abundant.

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