black squares

Why is it so uncomfortable to talk publicly about the George Floyd situation? After a brief 1 minute introspection, I suspect it mainly comes down to this huge aversion to being a social justice warrior altogether. So I remain silent with my public face (mainly instagram, hoping to replace that with p4p soon). I'm not ignoring the topic- I've talked about it with friends, family, and even my coworkers. I've seen the developments as they've unfolded, mainly focused on sharing the truly incriminating videos of law enforcement destroying property and attacking non-violent protestors (which is unconscionable in any scenario).

Then, I found it- a friend from Gainesville who had the perfect post. He did not come across as a social justice warrior... he genuinely contributed his thoughts to the subject. He didn't even address any organization or name, it was perfectly implied through context. He relayed a podcast on the phenomenon of pluralistic ignorance, and suggested it to anyone who needs a relveant distraction and desires to understand the human condition. That's how engagement on the subject should be done. Genuinely contribute your take on the matter instead of regurgitating the same things everyone in your immediate audience obviously agrees with. He gave me the direct answer to my own dilema, and as a result, am taking direct action to write an article about it on my perfectly unread website.

I talked to my younger brother about this, and he seems to mostly share the same sentiment I do, which is validating (while also cautioning that he's practically a genetically-identical echo chamber).

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